Agri Sciences Biologicals unveils a new biological solution, Yaarn, an innovative hydrolyzed protein product that enhances plant growth and quality.

Derived from sheep’s wool, Yaarn’s unique combination of hydrolyzed proteins, peptides and amino acids provides many benefits, including enhancing nutrient uptake, improved fruit quality and overall yield.

Often, significant volume of sheep wool produced today is deemed as waste and is either burned or buried. By diverting waste wool into a process where valuable content is converted into liquid form, Yaarn provides a convenient and naturally derived source of biological compounds and nutrients for use in crop programs.

With proven efficacy across numerous field trials, Yaarn converts wool from grazing sheep into a premium crop nutritional tool. Yaarn delivers a wide range of benefits, some of which include boosting plant metabolism, reducing transplant shock, increasing tolerance of abiotic stress and improving plant growth.

“Yaarn leverages raw materials to provide a sustainable and innovative solution for modern farming challenges,” said Boomer Cardinale, Regional Director, North America, Agri Sciences Biologicals. “We are confident that Yaarn will not only help growers produce greater quality and quantity of harvestable product, but also support a circular economy, a key sustainability imperative for our organization.”

“Agri Sciences Biologicals has a clear and ambitious vision focused on the development and commercialization of novel biological products” said Robert Cannings, Head of Business, Agri Sciences Biologicals. “Our current arsenal of biostimulants is just the beginning of our journey in innovation. We’re continuously developing for the future with novel fertilizers and an ever expanding portfolio of biostimulants and biopesticides for markets around the globe.”

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